Kombi Konvoy

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…rolls up in Nimbin @ 4.20 pm Saturday 4 May

Having wended its way from Byron Bay.

Line the street to welcome up to 100 kombis!


About the MardiGrass Kombi Konvoy

MardiGrass 1996 was very important in a number of ways. It was a five day event to include Wednesday the 1st of May, and it included the first Kombi Konvoy which opened the protest. Over the past three decades the amazing Kombi Konvoy has continued as a proud MardiGrass tradition. A procession of variously decorated Kombi vans winds its way from the coast at Byron Bay to nearby Lismore and arrives at 4.20pm in Nimbin led by Chibo, the Hemp Olympix torchbearer. In the 1990s the Kombis would park in a circle for the opening ceremony while in recent years their arrival heralds the start of the 420 Stoner Blaze.

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