4:20 Stoner Blaze

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4:20 in 2024….. the Stoner SuperB owl . . . .  wOOt

Welcome to the Earth’s longest running “Four Twenty” Demonstration. Every year since 1999 this event has reverberated around the web (and the world) in such a way that it has become one of the, if not the, coolest political demonstration that one can participate in on the planet, anywhere, any time, all time, ever.

Big words? Perhaps, but until you see, hear and smell the fun as the Big Joint bounces up and down and up up up through a fog of smoke, nothing I can write here in the program, would convince you that I am, if anything, understating the coolness of the experience. 

Traditionally, Four Twenty is the time we take control of the street! aka OCCUPY. 

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow cannabis lovers and light whatever you have in your hand, and let’s appreciate that all around the world millions upon millions of people are now smoking Cannabis “out loud and proud” at Four Twenty every day of the week, month and year in every social setting. 

At Four Twenty everyone ought to be thinking Pot for Peace and Peace for Pot and ways to achieve it. Thank each other for bravery in the face of what can seem at times to be overwhelming opposition, and for standing strong against those who think cannabis is a problem. Thank each other for spreading the word that cannabis is part of the solution. Now take this vibe out into the world and tell everyone you meet that there is a tribal wave of change coming. And most important of all, tell everyone you meet for the next 364 days everything you learned at the Nimbin MardiGrass!! [More at bigjoint.org]

“I dream that one day in the not too distant future, everyone will be outside in the streets, in every work place and outside every house at 4:20 smoking pot. If not smoking it, then perhaps just THINKING Pot for Peace & Peace for Pot. On that day, at that time and from then on, our world will be at Peace.” Max Stone

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