Moonshadow Memorial Marijuana Music Awards

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$2 Entry! Great Prizes!

No song to be longer than 4 minutes 20 seconds.

Winner can sing their song on stage at the end of Sunday’s rally.

In memory of Frances Moonshadow Hood!

In September 2023, the Australian cannabis community lost one of our most valuable and loved members. Frances Moonshadow Hood left us to fly on higher planes, and her absence has had a huge impact on the community. The Hemp Embassies Facebook has been celebrating her life and sharing good times and memories, so wonderful to see, she was a pretty cool chick.

Frances was a medicinal cannabis activist and animal lover, and a role model to many in the Cannabis community. She is known internationally for her activist work, and helped people with medical cannabis for a long time. Everyone who has met Frances will say she was a true warrior and tireless campaigner for legalising cannabis. She leaves a legacy of empathy, understanding and challenging the status quo.

She developed her pet tonic, which is very popular with fur bearing creatures Australia wide, and has had so many success stories over the years.

Frances, you’ll be sorely missed but fondly remembered by Humans and Animals alike.

Sincerest condolences to your family on behalf of everyone at MardiGrass and Nimbin Hemp Embassy.


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