MardiGrass Ubud-Duber Rideshare

Need to get in and out of Nimbin during MardiGrass?

Authorised Point to Point transfers.


Steve: +61 400 615 288

Local Lifts, Ballina, Byron, Casino, Kyogle, Murwillimbah, Lismore, Gold Coast.

Our crew: (Sedans, and 7-12 seater vans)

  • Steve: + 61 400 615 288
  • Rahima: +61 411 731 320
  • Jules: +61 484 742 521
  • Julie: +61 403 609 790
  • Celeste: +61 418 520 991
  • Mick: +61 499 156 005


Call out for Drug Free Drivers!

MardiGrass is calling for drug free drivers to help locals and visitors during MardiGrass travel safely to and from their accommodation and Nimbin. If you’re not yet a fully licensed and insured Point to Point [PTP] driver, we can guide you on the PTP driver paperwork. If you’d like to help:

Please let us know via:


Join Facebook group: Nimbin Mardi grass rideshare

Drivers and passengers will be able to make contact for lifts via the FB page, or we will include a list of driver contacts on this webpage during MardiGrass.

And if you’re driving yourself, please join and check this Facebook group: nth coast RDT locations



Roadside Drug Testing

The latest weapon in prohibition’s arsenal is the roadside saliva test. A grossly unfair approach to road safety, the saliva test simply finds “traces” of THC in saliva, rather than testing for actual driver impairment. We’re able to drive with a designated amount of alcohol in our system, but for other drugs it is zero tolerance. This means that not just hours, but days or even weeks, after consuming cannabis, traces of THC could be discovered in your saliva.