MardiGrass Comedy Show

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The MardiGrass Comedy Show is a tradition almost as old as police harassment. But it’s funnier, much funnier. And nobody gets hurt (unless your sides split – or you gag on a gag). A rather pleasant way to rally for drug law reform. Featuring the comedic talents of Jenny Wynter, Steady Eddy and Peter Willey, the show, as always, will be hosted by that dynamic duo of droll, Glover & Sorrensen.

Jenny Wynter is an international musical comedian known for her spontaneous musical creations inspired by audience suggestions. Armed with flashing wit and funny bones, she is making her first appearance at the MARDIGRASS COMEDY SHOW.

Steady Eddy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was nine months old. Some people thought this is why he didn’t learn to walk until he was five, but, when asked, Steady said, “I was just pacing myself.” Yep, and he’s paced himself to stand-up stardom. Now, he realises there must be more to life than sex and money. He’s started wearing tie-dye and hemp undies. He just wants to live in yogic bliss and do his thing at MardiGrass.

Peter Willey is hilarious. He says so himself. Comedian, singer, songwriter and parodist, he draws inspiration from the suburban wastelands. His songs and routines are witty and insightful and often, um, just silly. His jokes have not been tested on animals.

Alan Glover and S Sorrensen are comedians – and good mates. It is a special relationship that is the art (and heart) of Glover & Sorrensen. They’ve performed all over this wide brown quarry, but especially love working their two-handed stand-up magic at MardiGrass in Nimbin, S’s hometown.

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