Marijuana Australiana

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“Homegrown cannabis culture down under”

Screening plus Q&A with Director, Rich Baron

About the documentary: Conveyed by an often humorous line up of quintessentially Aussie characters, Marijuana Australiana (2016) is a feature length documentary about Australia’s evolving relationship with the world of recreational and medical cannabis. Unveiling a unique local cannabis culture and history, the film takes us from the hippy town of Nimbin to the politically charged emergence of medical cannabis law reform that is sweeping the nation. Marijuana Australiana embeds viewers deep inside tenuous underground networks of growers and suppliers who bravely provide free medical cannabis to cancer patients and children with epilepsy, despite systematic persecution by law enforcement. As gravely ill Australians continue to risk everything to access life saving medicine, will the slow grind of legislative change signal an end to the criminalisation of patients, their families and benevolent suppliers?

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