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About: A description of the first full parliamentary term of the first elected legalise cannabis politicians in Western Australia – the highs and lows. And the potential for victory. And a map for the future?

Speaker: Dr Brian Walker, WA Legalise Cannabis MLC

Brian’s Bio: I am a member of the Legislative Council in the Parliament of Western Australia for the Legalise Cannabis Party. I practised medicine for many years in many different countries, before finally settling into practice as a GP at Serpentine Medical Centre. I have front-line experience treating patients in hospitals, emergency departments, and general practice, including specialising in helping those who come to me seeking help obtaining Cannabis as a natural alternative to opioid-based medication to ease their pain and suffering.

I want to make changes in society. As a Member of Parliament, I know of a certainty that far too many of our current laws are archaic, while others are unfit for purpose. High-level decisions have been made without adequate medical-scientific understanding, based often on fear rather than knowledge.

Health and wellness are my passions, and I am fighting for your freedom to use Cannabis as you see fit, as long as you do no harm to others. More than that, I am looking to identify and amend the fundamental causes of poor health. These include violence in general, as well as domestic violence, homelessness, mental health issues, and poverty.

Add your voice to mine, so together, we can Overgrow the Government!

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