Our Medical Cannabis Journey

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About: Come and talk with Dr Teh and Chloe about what the medical cannabis journey has entailed so far, and listen to their ideas and concepts for the future medical cannabis landscape in Australia. What have been the pitfalls? What have been the highlights? Where to from here? Dr Teh and Chloe will talk about the reality of the current landscape, and are open to taking questions and having an open dialogue to help point medical cannabis in the right direction in our “lucky country.” Come and listen and talk, share your story, so that these two medical cannabis advocates are armed with the opinion of the people, as they guide regulatory process through education, advocacy and consultation with Australian regulatory authorities.

Speakers: Dr John Teh & Mrs Chloe Teh, PlantMed Clinics

Bio: Dr John Teh and Mrs Chloe Teh (CEO PlantMed Clinics) have been involved in the medical cannabis space since prior to its legal inception in October 2016. PlantMed is a physical medical cannabis and integrated health clinic, based in Brisbane, that also serves patients Australia wide via telehealth. Together, they have assisted many thousands of patients to achieve better health through cannabis medicines. From arthritis to terminal cancer, their technique is unique and places the patient front and center in the treatment process. https://planteducation.net.au/
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