Medicinal Cannabis Therapy

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About: Up until 1946 cannabis therapeutics was often prescribed by doctors, pharmacists and herbalists around Australia. Radic will talk about the how and why Cannabis therapeutics works, and how to apply Cannabis therapy to relieve symptoms and even heal ailments. He will discuss formulation: how to target areas of the body, how to enhance bio availability, and how to formulate a medicine for your body type to treat your ailments. He will  also demo some applications and dose rates. He loves to be interrupted to answer questions and clarify detail, so come with your questions.

Radic Al Conscious, Cannabis Advocate & Healer

Bio: In 1995 Radic read a book called Hemp for Health and started his journey into the world of medicinal cannabis therapy. The first extract he tried was a pain cream from Cannabis roots to treat his chronic back pain. Since then he has dug up many old traditional medicinal recipes to make lots of different medicines which have successfully treated so many different ailments. From the garden to the medicine chest, it is all so easy. Medicinal Cannabis Therapy is the title of Radic Al’s little book of weed wisdom. He believes cannabis can heal almost everything and he has a lot of experience to back up that claim.

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