Laugh Mob’s Stoner Stand Up Comedy

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Laugh Mob’s Stoner Stand Up Comedy

This year were make history! Laugh mob is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary of coming to the Nimbin MardiGrass festival by bringing you the best acts to perform at Stoner Stand Up Comedy every night of the festival! Have a toke and come listen to to our jokes with a massive international line up hosted by the King of Nimbin Kyle Legacy (UK)! Acts include Ruven Govender (RSA), Matty B (bogan philosopher), Vanessa Larry Mitchell (Teardrops on my dildo), Gavin Scott (the comedy store), Artie Gallagher (Sydney fringe) & more.

Kyle Legacy (UK) – King of the Riff Kyle Legacy lives for the stage! Born & raised in Liverpool, he now tours the the globe with the popular comedy collective ‘Laugh Mob’. More commonly known as ‘The crowdwork King’, Legacy has been making appearances at every major festival around the world including the world record holder for most gigs done at the Edinburgh fringe festival… 230 in 24 days! Known as one of the best MCs in the UK, Kyle is a passed comic at hot water comedy club and this year alone has hosted all the big clubs in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Edinburgh, England, Estonia, etc. There’s no room he can’t work. Other credits include opened for Erik Griffin (Workaholichs), performed at the comedy store in 3 different countries and Sold Out Edinburgh fringe festival 2017, 2023 & Perth fringeworld 2021. “The young Ross Noble” ★★★★★ – The funny Tonne “The LeBron James of comedy” ★★★★½ – The Australia

Ruven Govender (RSA) As seen on ‘First Dates’, Edinburgh Fringe festival, Sydney comedy festival, stunt man in training. Times As seen on Russell Brand’s hit TV show Brand X.

Matty B acknowledged he was a bogan when he realised he owned a ‘going-out’ flanno. Having grown- up in a country town near Newcastle, he makes full use of his upbringing and experiences from stories about growing up with a father who was a Doctor in Psychology, to delivering pizzas while stoned as a seventeen year old boy. Despite his self-proclaimed ‘bogan’ tag, Matty makes use of the token Aussie Racist and dumb Queenslander labels, commenting on everyday trends such as Aldi’s ‘specials’ and school playground speed limits. Matty B’s style can only be described as casual and unashamed. His humour is dark, twisted, vulgar (in the best kind of way), surreal and very abstract.

Gavin Scott is a Comedian. Gavin is from Sydney. Gavin likes to drink. Gavin knows a little too much about UFOs & Conspiracies and other weird stuff in general. Gavin will now combine comedy and his knowledge by channelling that energy creatively instead of spending many nights in online forums and hiding from you know who… you know. This is a comedian for the curious as Gavin explores paranormal topics as well as belief structures and  even himself. Gavin wants to believe… and so should you.

Vanessa Larry Mitchell is a successful comic, emcee and event coordinator, running five of her own successful rooms in the Northern Rivers, NSW region. Vanesa enjoys pushing the boundaries and breaking down social norms, by saying those things women shouldn’t say in public, but we all think! Her show, Teardrops on My Dildo, was the Winner Best Comedy 2022 Newcastle Fringe. Fabulous, filthy and downright hilarious! Brace yourselves for a wild ride of side-splitting hilarity with the modern-day Queen of Sass, as she takes you on a laugh-out-loud adventure of her trials and tribulations of parenting, dating and all things female.

Loud and making his Grandma proud, Artie Gallagher is an upcoming fast talking comedian from Sydney.

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