Industrial Hemp Expo

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Workshops, Talks & Demos ALL WEEKEND!

2024 Mardigrass Hemp Expo will showcase the multiplicity of uses of the wondrous hemp plant’s seeds and fibre. Our highly experienced Hempies have had many years of experience in developing hemp for new clean green hemp farming and renewable raw materials to replace mining and petrochemicals.

Programmed Sessions!

Sat 4 May @ Indica Tent

12.30 pm NSW Hemp Industry Taskforce

Sat 4 May @ Nth Rivers Hemp

Sun 5 May @ Nth Rivers Hemp

Sun 5 May @ Indica Tent

Featuring Amazing Heads!

The paper tiger, Dion Channing.

Dion first made paper in Adelaide and Hobart as a student of the traditional art in 1980. In 1993 Dion moved to Italy to continue his studies and eventually began working as an assistant professor and art instructor at the university of Undine. After extending his knowledge into bookbinding and paper conservation he worked for various universities concluding his Italian sojourn at the International school of graphic arts, Venice. In 2003 Dion returned to Australia where he has worked as an artisan paper maker at Goolwa beach SA and finally Glenwood QLD. In association with NRHGC Dion is now setting up a hemp paper making workshop and teaching facility in NRHGC’s hemp hub.

Martin Ernegg, molecular sculptor.

Martin began his work as a molecular sculptor in 1986 in Austria. His work included creating building materials from cardboard and paper and cloth. Returning to his home, Australia, Martin created  Hempstone by grinding hemp mache into its individual molecules and then realigning the molecules so their ‘faces’ are perfectly aligned.  Martin has now begun grinding raw hemp bast into Hempstone and molding artifacts of great practical use and beauty. In association with NRHGC Martin is building a workshop to make Hempstone artifacts and share his knowledge with the farmers who will take his work further.

Robert Tonks CEO Australian Hardwood Charcoal Products.

Robert’s company builds off grid pyrolysis equipment to turn carbon based waste into sequestered carbon, soil and soil conditioners. Since 2019 Robert has been testing hemp as a feedstock for his pyrolysis ovens with excellent results. Robert’s technology completes the circle in hemps circular economy.

All Weekend @ Nth Rivers Hemp: Pyrolysis explained ( informal showcase / display q&a)

Hanna and Leon, Hemp Threads

We are Hemp Threads, an industrial hemp company formed in 2019 which aims to bring local hemp production and processing to the northern rivers. We have experimented with fibres, building materials, foods and forms of regenerative farming. We are currently specialising in hemp seed oil and flour production with the help of our cold pressed oil machine. We envision small-scale hemp farms with centralised processing facilities to empower people to live on the land and contribute to a plant-based economy.

Sat 4 May @ Nth Rivers Hemp

All Weekend @ Nth Rivers Hemp: Seed & Oil display and info stand

Demos All Weekend!

The Hemp Club

The Hemp Club’s exhibit will show all sorts of uses possible with this extraordinary plant, including 100% handwoven hemp cloth and clothing from Cambodia, hemp as stock and poetry and fish food, multiple other hemp uses from building blocks to cosmetics.

Northern Rivers Hemp Growers Co-op

A hub for those wishing to be involved with the hemp industry. Join our mailing list, get information on getting an industrial Hemp license, growing industrial hemp and developing the hemp industry. See and experience products created by our local Hempies.

All about Hemp!

Hemp can sequester up to 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare each year, more than any other crop or woodland. Cultivating hemp for its flowers, edible seeds, fibres and hurds, and with the right know-how and tools, we can use this amazing plant to create thousands of high quality products. Hemp helps us free our minds, make healthy food, keep us warm, build a house, maybe even help save the world. This will be a great chance to meet farmers who are discovering just why Cannabis used to be the most grown plant on the planet.

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