Hash Suppositorium

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4 pm Assemble for 420 and…

4.20 pm  The famous Hash Suppositorium …

Everything you need to know about, something everyone needs to know about, but never talks about, and has probably been too embarrassed to ask about, includes a live demonstration. Remember, getting old is not for the squeamish.

During Mardigrass, keep your brown eye open for the roving Pop Up Suppositorium Shop!

6 pm  GREY POWER gathering of stoner elders to prove that pot is anti-aging!

Serving coffee and hemp cuisine every day during MardiGrass, the Nimbin H*E*M*P* Bar is the home base for POT ART & POT TATTOO, the POLITE BUREAU and the Legalise Cannabis Party.

Meet old hippies here and long time cannabis law reform activists. The Hemp Bar hosts Ghosts of MardiGrass Past!

Stand up and be counted! Fair Dinkum voters can register here to join the Legalise Party all weekend. Your details must match exactly the Australian Electoral Commission information. Join the Church of the Holy Smoke for free here also…all you have to be is a human being from anywhere on Earth! An email address helps also.

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