Hard Labor: Working with Labor Governments in NSW and Victoria

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About: Jeremy and David will discuss their lessons from working with Labor Governments in pursuit of cannabis reform and the processes of government business. They are also interested in exploring what this means for defining a cannabis community political platform.

Jeremy Buckingham, Legalise Cannabis Party

David Ettershank, Legalise Cannabis Victoria

David’s Bio: Before his election as an LCV member of the Legislation Council in the 2022 Victorian election, David was working in the consulting practice he co-founded, supporting not-for-profit aged care providers with strong links to specialist, CALD and regional services. David has qualifications in Asian Studies and Industrial Relations along with an additional 20 years of experience working in the labour movement as a training and industrial officer. Diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune condition, David is a long-term recreational and therapeutic cannabis consumer and knows first-hand how out-of-date and out-of-touch Victoria’s cannabis laws are. He is determined to see cannabis legalised, de-stigmatised, and its many benefits recognised for all adult Victorian consumers.

Jeremy’s Bio: Over two decades I’ve been a passionate advocate for community, the environment and common-sense laws that serve the needs of the people. As an experienced MP with a reputation for honesty, conviction and commitment, it’s an honour and a privilege to serve the people of NSW. In this term, I am committed to bringing about progressive drug law reform, legalising cannabis, fixing the broken RDT system and growing the hemp industry. I am also focused on ensuring that we protect civil liberties, our environment and enact policies that look after the disadvantaged in our society.

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