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2013 Photos: Friday & Saturday

ATM photography

Tonedeaff's 2013 MardiGrass Photos

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MardiGrass 2014

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Advertising space is available in the MardiGrass print program.
40,000 copies will be printed for 2015 and available all year from the Nimbin HEMP Embassy promoting the virtues of Cannabis for food, fuel, fibre, medicine and therapy.

You can place your advertisement for $250 at 82mm wide, 55 mm high in CMYK at 300dpi as a PDF, Tiff or jpg.
Larger sizes are available at the same width or as a banner.
Contact us for your requirements.

The deadline for print is Saturday 18th of April.
Ads will be automatically included on MardiGrass website program for 2015 as soon as we receive them.
We reserve the right to reject ads deemed not in keeping with the aims and objectives of the MOB. (MardiGrass Organising Body)

You can find previous editions of the 16 page MardiGrass print program online.

Up in Smoke: A Timeline of Marijuana Use in the U.S.
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Food Stalls: Fully booked

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Picking the perfect time to harvest.

Medical Cannabis Guide

I'm Emmanuel, artist from France,
I was in the last MardiGrass I had very good time and that give me inspiration... so I draw this poster for Nimbin MardiGrass 2014 with all my love!

Burn it to ash
Reflect on my day
Smoke made of problems
Blow it away

Poem by Jayne Cobb

Hanfparade - Demonstration for the Legalisation of Cannabis

"Hanf" is German for "hemp"

Motto "Freiheit, Gesundheit, Gerechtigkeit" (Freedom, Prosperity, Justice)



2013 Results:

Growers Iron Man:

1st - Anders (Denmark) - 1m 22 seconds
2nd - Forest (Byrrill Creek) - 1m 23 seconds
3rd - Jose (Chile) - 1m 24 seconds

Growers Iron Woman:

1st - Hashy Smashy (Doobieville) - 1m 38 seconds
2nd - Hannah (Sunshine Coast) - 1m 49 seconds,
3rd - Cloud (Taiwan) - 1m 56 seconds

Mens Bongthrow:

1st - Robbo Da Yobbo (Da Gabba) 36.1m
2nd - Luca (Sunshine Coast) 34.5m
3rd - Ananda (Lillian Rock) 34.4m

Womens Bongthrow:

1st - Hannah (Sunshine Coast) 32.6m
2nd - Hashy Smashy (Doobieville) 29.5m
3rd - Sally (Nimbin) 29.0m

Joint Rolling:

Speed Roll:

1st - Bob the Joint Builder - 29 seconds
2nd -Wendy (St George)
3rd - Andreas (Germany)


1st - Wendy (St George) - 1m 03seconds
2nd - Bob the Joint Builder
3rd - Sally (Nimbin)

Adverse Conditions:

1st - Bob the Joint Builder - 39 seconds
2nd - Andreas (Germany)
3rd - Hannah (Sunshine Coast)

Artistic Roll:

1st - Jack (Austria) - "Lotus Flower"
2nd - Marvin (Germany) - "Joint with Peace Sign"
3rd - Bob the Joint Builder - "Helicopter"

Plantem Award

Hannah (Sunshine Coast)

Tao Jones, Byron Bay Photographer, Slideshow of 2012 MardiGrass

Excellent photos!


2012 HEMP Olympix

Best All Roundperson - Sallie, Nimbin

Speed Roll
Matthew, of France
Wendy, of St George, Queensland
Sallie, of Nimbin

Artistic Roll
Bob the Joint Builder - "The Session"
Matthew of France - "Death Joint"
Karoon of Iran - "Tulip"

Roll in the Dark
Sallie of Nimbin - 51 seconds
Aaron of Jimboomba
Aamie of Woodburn

Adverse Conditions
Wendy of St George, Queensland - 29 seconds
Bob the Joint builder
Sallie of Nimbin

Women's Ironperson
Rachael of Ipswich - 1.14 minutes
Rachael of Canada - 1.15 minutes
Hannah of the Sunshine Coast - 1.16 minutes

Women's Bong Throw (Accuracy)
Mel of Newcastle
Andrea of Nimbin
Yarni of Southport

Men's Ironperson
Miro of Slovakia - 1.01 minutes
Clark of Canada - 1.03 minutes
Bob of Tasmania - 1.11 minutes

Men's Bong Throw (Accuracy)
Luke of the Sunshine Coast
Dave of Newcastle
Chuck of California


2011 Results:

Growers Iron Man:

1st - Luca (Italy) - 31 seconds
2nd - Clemont (France) - 33 seconds
3rd - Ollie (France) - 37 seconds

Growers Iron Woman:

1st - Karen (Sunshine Coast) - 51.06 seconds
2nd - Hannah (Sunshine Coast) - 51.45 seconds,
3rd - Sarah (Aratula) - 55.23 seconds

Mens Bongthrow:

1st - Hayden (Bongchucka Heads)
2nd - Garry ( Nimbin)
3rd - Luke (Caboolture)

Womens Bongthrow:

1st - Rachael (Ipswich)
2nd - Sallie (Nimbin)
3rd - Lisa (Dublin)

Joint Rolling:

Speed Roll:

1st - David (France) - 24 seconds
2nd - Bob the Joint Builder
3rd - Sally (Nimbin)


1st - Bob the Joint Builder - 53 seconds
2nd - David (France)
3rd - Sarah (Aratula)

Adverse Conditions:

1st - Raphael (France) - 36 seconds
2nd - Bob the Joint Builder
3rd - Selina (Brisbane)

Artistic Roll:

1st - Tobias (Germany) - "Orchestral Triangle with Striker"
2nd - Sarah (Aratula) - "Tulip"
3rd - Bob the Builder - "Prince William" & Sally (Nimbin) - "Kate Middleton" - a Joint Effort.






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