Get out your fabrics, banners, paint brushes and sewing machines to get ready for the annual MardiGrass Parade Float Awards. Have a go at creating a float costume, banner, paper mâché or sculpture about pot prohibition.

Floats can be a vehicle for a powerful message about pot or protest, education and celebration! We welcome floats that reflect our area, our people, our pride, our fun and festive spirit, and desire for a peaceful future. Law reform is the focus of MardiGrass and we encourage all to have a say!

Prizes are sponsored by the Nimbin Happy High Herbs and will be presented to the winning floats in Sativa Stadium after the Sunday Parade and Rally:

FIRST Prize:
Happy Herb Company gift voucher of $500

Happy Herb Company gift vouchers of $250


Height – Must not exceed 3.2 metres from “the road”

Width – Must not exceed 2.4 metres

Length – Must not exceed 4.2 metres

Floats must be people or green powered. Floats can be a single person, or group, or a centrepiece for an on-foot display.


Judges will be announced on the day, and will be from the Nimbin Happy High Herbs shop and the HEMP Embassy. A one to ten point score method will be adopted:

  1. Pre-parade while assembling. Use of recycled materials, originality and punctuality
  2. During Parade: Locomotion, costumes, power of the message, crowd response and overall effect


The Happy Herb Co has always been proud to support the Nimbin MardiGrass. We set up our first shop in Nimbin, the home of the Nimbin MardiGrass, with a mission to promote all herbs in alignment with the activism for THE HERB that emanated from Nimbin Hemp Embassy. Please support the Nimbin Mardi Grass as the fight for medicinal cannabis is not over yet.