The MardiGrass Comedy Show

7.30pm Saturday 6 May
Nimbin Town Hall

This comedy show, like the MardiGrass festival/rally itself, is an act of rebellion against injustice. Being there and having fun IS the protest. In a long tradition that rolls from a distant smokey past, your hosts Glover & Sorrensen will present yet another evening of stand-up comedy at its best. Join S, Alan, Steve and Mandy in an entertaining protest against insane government policies. See ya there!

Alan Glover (activist and tall guy) and S Sorrensen (not so active and tired) have invited stand-up legends Steve Allison and Mandy Nolan to share their insights into this what-the-hell-is-happening world.

Steve is an international performer who delivers snappy one liners, hilarious stories and funny home truths, all with a clever laid back and friendly style of comedy that everybody can relate to.

Mandy is, well, Mandy. Funny as all get-out. Real as Fudge. Three acts, four friends, and 90 minutes of fun and facts, laughs and lampoons, jokes and jabs.

The Laugh Mob Comedy Show

6pm Friday 5 May

6pm Saturday 6 May

5pm Sunday 7 May

Indica Arena Stage

The Laugh Mob crew are back for another year at the Nimbin MardiGrass Festival for the 7th time! They are bringing the laughs as long as you bring the joints. Come join us for 3 shows this weekend with comedians from all over the country & world hosted by the king of Nimbin Kyle Legacy. The more you smoke the funnier we are! 

Kyle Legacy lives for the stage! Born & raised in Liverpool, he now tours the globe with the popular comedy collective ‘Laugh Mob’. More commonly known as ‘The crowdwork King’, Legacy has been making appearances at every major festival around the world including the world record holder for most gigs done at the Edinburgh fringe festival… 230 in 24 days! Other credits include opened for Erik Griffin (Workaholichs), performed at the comedy store in 3 different countries and Sold Out Edinburgh fringe festival 2017 & Perth fringeworld 2021.

Marty Bright has been performing his unique brand of observational physical comedy around the world for the past 8 years. Having been hand chosen for the prestigious FRESH, BREAKOUT and ROADSHOW productions at Sydney Comedy Festival, Bright has established himself as an affable and charismatic performer that is in demand around the Australia. Marty has also taken his comedic exports far and wide, having performed around USA, Canada and New Zealand at the top clubs including the Comedy Store in LA, Caroline’s and Broadway Comedy Club in NYC and The Comedy Nest in Montreal.

Dylan Cole is known for his unique style; a combination of theatre, comedy and fictional storytelling. His writing is often described by critics as “intelligent, witty and poignant” Coles’s work Blank Tiles, in which he plays a SCRABBLE World Champion suffering from Alzheimer’s disease had sold-out season in the 2017 Adelaide Fringe & Edinburgh Festival Fringe Festival at Assembly and earned multiple 5-star reviews. His show about hoarding and grief It all sparks joy premiered in the 2019 Melbourne Fringe and went on to play at Gluttony in the 2020 Adelaide Fringe. His latest show Case Numbers (also titled The Briefcase) was nominated for Best Comedy Show at the 2020 Melbourne Fringe.

Matty B’s style can only be described as casual, unashamed and very abstract. Rather than following the traditional model that most comedians use, where they have a loose narrative that ties the jokes together. It is this style of comedy that I don’t enjoy. The sequiturs are generally weak at best. Matty’s style is unapologetic and jumps from joke to joke in more of a stream of consciousness way, rather than anything that resembles a narrative. His humour is dark, twisted, vulgar (in the best kind of way), surreal and very abstract. This self acclaimed bogan hails from 100km inland from Newcastle.

Vanessa Larry Mitchell is a successful comic, emcee and event coordinator, running five of her own successful rooms in the Northern Rivers, NSW region. While her favourite material to deliver is targeted at the 15+ demographic, she has a wealth of observational material suitable for all ages. Vanesa enjoys pushing the boundaries and breaking down social norms, by saying those things women shouldn’t say in public, but we all think!

Loud and making his Grandma proud, Artie Gallagher is an upcoming fast talking comedian from Sydney.

Ari Matti started comedy in Melbourne, Australia, toured all around Asia and Europe after that. Also lived in Vancouver for a year and gigged in Seattle as well during that time. Festival wise I’ve done JFL NorthWest and the Edinburgh Fringe three times now. Estonia has always been my base where I tour and have a successful podcast. I’ve done standup for about 9 years now and love it now more than ever.

Chris Knight is a human, writer, comedian. Go ahead. Laugh all you like.

Duuvy Jester is a stand up comedian.

Sam Kissajukian has been working professionally as a stand-up comedian for 10 years. He’s toured globally in the USA, UK, Europe and all around Australia. Recently he’s had a breakout year as a visual artist. Within 3 months of going public with his art he had numerous acquisitions by international collectors, received extensive media coverage about his art, exhibitions at 107 Projects, Meraki Arts Bar and Side Door Theatre in NSW as well as a solo exhibition in Perth for which 25 of his works were later acquired by City of Perth’s Yagan Square to display on LCD screens for the month of August. He recently put together a show detailing his journey into art called “300 Paintings in Lockdown” which was the Winner of “Best Comedy” and “Directors Choice Award” at the Sydney Fringe Festival 2022. This show was also nominated for 5 awards: Best Spoken Word, Hollywood Fringe Touring Award, NZ Fringe Touring Award, Melbourne Fringe Touring Award and Meraki Remount Award.