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Prohibition will end
when the leaders of this country can see the real world around them,
instead of the imaginary one that fits their ideology.


6th April 2007

BluesFest Welcome: NSW Police Winnebago seen 200 metres from Byron Bay Police station doing saliva testing. Obviously, its going to move around ...

Do it before APRIL 16th!

The Federal Government has passed extraordinary legislation that will
close the rolls for new voters at 8pm, on the very night the election is
officially called. In the last election, 83,000 first-time voters
enrolled in the first week after the election was called. Hundreds of
thousands more registered at their new address. But this time they won't
get that chance - unless we act urgently.

That's why whether you're enroled to vote or not, there's a crucial role
for you to play right now. Click on the link below to demand this law be
revoked, and help friends and family enrol correctly in the next two
weeks - before new changes and extra red tape come into effect on April
16 making it even harder!

Once every thousand years,
there is a
'007 MardiGrass!

"From Nimbin With Love!"

"Live and Let Grow!"

"On HEMP Embassy Secret Service"

"The Man with the Golden Ganja"

"Doctor Know!"

"Cannabis Royale!"

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Police and Saliva Tests

Updated April 3rd

MardiGrass 007 Driver Arrivers Advice

Greater numbers are the best response to intimidation.

Don't encourage the official fear exploiters..

Come to MardiGrass

Hemp Embassy Online Shop

OK, we run a "real" shop too. Our volunteer staff have shop meetings on Thursdays, and usually, thats when any new products are looked at, to see if we think they are appropriate for the Embassy.

We have been meeting the team from Arianrhod Aromatics for awhile now, and members have been testing their products, providing feedback. Their enthusiasm and commitment is infectious, so we now have their products available at the HEMP Embassy.

2007 MardiGrass POSTER!!!

Nimbin Performance Poetry

World Cup 2007

Saturday August 4th - Sunday August 5th

Drug abuse as a criminal offence is a waste of public money and law enforcement resources.

I have this idea that people think that without such measures there would be a plague of drug users, but I don’t think this would be so.

Since the dawn of time, humans have taken things to alter their mental state, and civilisation did not wither, but went from peak to peak.

Only a small percentage of the population have this predisposition to substance use, and I think it a fairly stable percentage. We should accept that not all people have the capacity to be drug free, and treat the problem on the realistic basis that few break the patterns of substance abuse, but the ones that don't will not bring about the downfall of civilisation either.

Having a friend or relative who has done this, is not that unusual any more, no matter what one’s circumstances. I appreciate the tragedy of wasted lives, but don’t see the imprisonment of users as a useful response. That’s getting stuck in the anger and denial part of moving on from it all.

It would be better to avoid hysteria, accept the situation as it really is, and deal with it in a medically appropriate fashion, without expecting a dramatic change to ensue, because it won’t. Not for worse or better.

Taking an totally intolerant position is not only futile, but destructively punitive in furthering the misery attached for those involved, and its not only “lowlifes”, it could easily be someone you’ve known or loved, a real person rather than an imagined stereotype.

Does anyone seriously imagine that all the harassment, fines and imprisonment have any effect on the number of drug abusers in a given population? Is punitive treatment a rational response, or an emotional one, something like isolating lepers for fear of contagion?

The jails aren’t even drug free.

If an addict commits a property or violent crime, that is already covered by criminal law. Just as alcoholics who drive while disqualified or rob liquor stores, go to jail, so should addicts who commit crimes, always with the avenue of rehabilitation, but not necessarily a lesser sentence. It is the criminalisation of mere users that is not rational.

I don’t think the present drug laws make good sense in the world we have today. They might have once, briefly, in our attempts to come to grips with the problem, but we should have moved on from that by now, not stubbornly stuck to the familiar for familiarities sake.

We need to concentrate on medical approaches, but without expecting unrealistic outcomes. There is no magic “cure”.

Pro Cannabis Demonstrations in Spain

Click on image above for larger version.

Amigos de Maria - Vitoria has initiated the first Internet Pharmacy for therapeutical cannabis in Spain. This non-profit initiative facilitates the contact between patients and growers through the Internet. Its sole purpose is to improve the quality of life of patients who wish to benefit from the advantages offered by THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

For this initiative, Amigos de Maria has recieved the support of the regional government of the Basque Country and various political parties. See

Although it operates on the Internet, the administration of the pharmacy is based in Álava, and more concretely in the seat of Amigos de María-Mariaren Lagunak in Vitoria-Gasteiz, which is actively collaborating with various Spanish associations who are working in favour of cannabis legalisation. The new "Cannabis Pharmacy" seeks to facilitate information to patients on the therapeutic use of cannabis and promote the cultivation for personal use by those who can use the plant as a natural medicine.

The pharmacy will maintain of a list of patients and another of cannabis growers who will donate part of their harvest essentially for the purpose of pain control. It will establish contact between both groups. It will not directly administer stocks of cannabis, nor facilitate the transport of it. The sole purpose is to allow the exchange of information that will help patients with cancer, aids, glaucoma, asthma of MS, among many other pathologies, to improve their situation when using cannabis under medical control.

The continuous supervision by experts is one of the characteristics that mark the initiative in Alava. Paco, spokesperson of Amigos de María, explains that the organisation has installed various mechanisms to avoid possible manipulation. “Firstly, we carry out interviews with the people who are interested, in order to confirm that they are patients who fulfill the requirements to enter the programme. They undergo a medical test by a doctor, who establishes the dosis they are entitled to, and the way of administration”, he notes.

There are also procedures to avoid that someone can obtain economic benefits from the initiative. “The growers donate part of their harvest for free, we will make sure that absolutely no sale of cannabis takes place. Altruism is the fundamental element of this programme and we are going to defend it with all means", says Paco.

Every week, two to three persons contact the seat of Amigos de María, in the old town of Vitoria, in search of cannabis to relieve their pains. Most of them want information, as they have already purchased their doses of cannabis on the black market, to a price of 3 euro/gramme. “The other day, an old lady calls us to ask our help, as her sister who is suffering from cancer had swallowed a too large bud of cannabis and she was afraid to call the police. She did not know that what she was doing was not illegal and that the effect of a too high dose of cannabis can easily be reduced with some sugar. We do not wish to accept this state of desinformation and panic" explains Paco.

A visit to the seat of Amigos de María does not guarantee a free use of cannabis. “The other day our doctor recommended someone who suffers from glaucoma not to use cannabis, as the disease was too advanced as was his age, a serious impediment to cannabis consumption", says the spokesperson of the organisation. “We are not afraid as we are convinced that what we are doing is good and helps people. A law is only a good law if it is a just law, and this is not the case today".

Nimbin MardiGrass and Cannabis Law Reform Rally, MAY 5 and 6, 2007.

Ganja Faeries, Big Joint, local musicians, performers, street theatre atmosphere, live web-cam feed, Industrial Hemp Displays, Medicinal Cannabis Information, Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition, HempChoices discussion at the Town Hall and at Peace Park the annual MardiGrass Hemp Olympix.

This year, as well as the Gold Medals for the Grower’s Ironperson Event plus the Bong Throw & Yell and the Joint Rolling Contest, there will be a new Hemp Olympix Gold Medal Event.


24 fully certified and professionally trained Orthodox Hemp Jelly Wrestlers, 10 barrels of extra strong Hemp Jelly made in Nimbin by real Hippies

Lights – Camera – Action
Stages are: Orthodox Wrestling, Pole Straddle and Dump the Loser
Plus a Live Band – (Third Eye Screamers)
The Hemp Jelly will be green with a good skunk & mango flavour. Agar-agar or sea weed will be mixed with food colouring, flavouring, perfume, texture enhancer, sparkles, flowers, herbs and water. This recipe has all the ingredients for lots of excitement. All the wrestlers’ costumes will be made of hemp blend fabric. The tournament will be in a large vat, holding more than a ton, of Hemp Jelly about knee deep.

Some of the contenders for the Gold Medal will be Dreadlock Headlock, Gumboot, Jelly Belly Sally, The Masked Assassin, Judge Custody, Dark Horse, Stinky the Lizard, Hempy the Clown, The Weed Inspector, Julia Jellard or maybe The Profit Mahoward could take it out with an upset victory. The winner of this new event will have the honour of becoming the first Hemp Olympix Gold Medallist and World Champion Hemp Jelly Wrestler.

All entrants will sign a disclaimer before the tournament begins on Saturday May 5th in Peace Park.

Entry forms will be accepted until April 1st 2007 !!!

Major sponsors at this stage include: Nimbin Television - Church of the Holy Smoke - Intergalactic Blues Mafia – StickyPoint Magazine - Nimbin HempJobs - Nimbin Gourmet - Nimbin Museum - Nimbin HEMP BAR - Nimbin HEMP Embassy NIMBIN MardiGrass – HEMP JELLY Wrestling

Will the forces of Hemp overcome the forces of evil?
Who will be the first World Champion Hemp Jelly Wrestler?

MardiGrass 007 – Jelly Finger.

STOP PRESS: Bad News for MardiGrass Jelly Wrestlers

Click on the Pic above to see a vid of
"The 1976 Tuntable Falls Cattle Truck Raid" Re-enactment
and see other cool vids at

"Celebration of 30 Years of Police Over-kill"
Saturday August 12th,
Nimbin at "high noon"

August 12th is the 30th anniversary of an event that is well-remembered by some sections of the Nimbin community. On that day in 1976, 60 fully armed police raided the Tuntable Falls Community, simultaneously serving photocopied search warrants at the North End, Centre, and South End of the 2000 acre property. They rounded up as many people as possible, marching them up to the road, and transporting them (some in a cattle truck) to an identification area on the ridge
above Tuntable valley.

"I was awoken from my slumbers by a police officer pointing a gun in my face, and asking me if I wanted to be charged with a cap of smack or a bag of grass?" recalls long-term Nimbin resident Alan Salt. "I told him there was nothing there. He said that didn’t matter, what did I want to be charged with, a cap of smack or a bag of grass? He was still pointing his gun. I said that seeing as I didn’t have anything, he’d have to decide that for himself, whereupon he ordered me to get dressed and get outside to join the others, already herded into a group near the Tin Shed (one of the Tuntable dwellings). No pot had been found on or near anyone arrested at the Tin Shed, nor was
there any effort made to find any."

42 people were arrested in the "Great Tuntable Falls Cattle Truck Bust" under similar circumstances. "The real question is whether there was some over-kill" said then NSW Premier Neville Wran about the raid. An official enquiry decided that there was. Eventually
all charges were dismissed and the Police were reprimanded for their heavy-handed (and illegal)

Today, many Nimbin locals feel that little has really changed. The overwhelming police presence (riot squad, mounted police etc) at this year's Mardi Grass, recent weekend-long roadblocks outside Nimbin (manned by uniformed police, Department of Immigration officials, Centrelink investigators and sniffer dogs) and comments by local politician Thomas George (under
parliamentary privilege he stated that Nimbin was "another Macquarie Fields waiting to happen") have done little to dispel this feeling.

It is thought by many residents that policing policies in Nimbin are "asymmetrical" or one-sided,
concentrating on relatively minor drug crime whilst completely ignoring vandalism, drunkenness and
violence. We feel that these policies are based on prejudice and bigotry rather than genuine community concern. In our more paranoid moments, we feel that we are being used as a convenient "soft" target by the police and ambitious politicians wishing to make a name for themselves.

In many ways, the erosion of civil liberties in a tiny hippie town like Nimbin is small potatoes compared with the nightmares being dealt out in freedom's name to the rest of the world. Still, wasn't there an old hippie cliché about "thinking globally and acting locally"? There's also an even older activists' one-liner that "it's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees" (as borrowed by Midnight Oil in the 80s). Surely it's time to at least try and stand up for our basic civil rights.

So in time-honoured hippie tradition, you are all invited to a peaceful and humorous

"Celebration of 30 years of Police Over-kill"
to be held in Nimbin on
Saturday August 12th at "high noon".

Street theatre, live bands, addled raves and a "reverse re-enactment"
are planned (this time the cops get put in the cattle
truck). Bring a smile, some courage, a joint (just
kidding, officer) and a good sense of humour.

If nothing else, it's bound to be a crack-up. See you

This one carries 42 head......but they weren't around in 1976!
A Brazillian Agriculture page.

One law for the pot heads - another for MacDonalds....

"In the end, the only person responsible for what goes into my mouth is me... ah... and government can't control what people eat, shouldn't control what people eat and it can't control and shouldn't try to control people's exercise. All government can do is to support, encourage and facilitate and that certainly is what the federal government is doing."

"In the end it's important for government to give people the right messages and the right example but we shouldn't pretend that we can make this problem go away by banning something."

Federal Health Minister Tony Abbot, speaking in relation to a state government call for the banning of junk food advertising to children.

Probably an edited version could be...

"In the end, the only person responsible for what goes
into my mouth is me... we shouldn't pretend that we
can make this problem go away by banning something."

They can see it for fat, but not for pot!

Why not?

They are both one syllable words, after all.

Asymmetric Policing

[How to Discipline and Punish ‘Nonconformist’ Communities]

Asymmetric Policing is where the ruthless enforcement of some laws goes hand in hand with a disregard for the law and order issues that are of primary concern for a community.

The enforcement side uses impersonal, hi-tech, invasive, isolating, and mass presence policing techniques. The areas of disregard are vandalism, drunkenness, violence, plus earning and keeping the trust of a community.

This situation in Nimbin has developed over 33 years of conflict, spurred on by fear mongering conservative politicians, developers, journalists, and police, all eager to make a name for themselves. The result is a complete breakdown of communication between community and police, and a community that generally fears police more than it does most ‘criminals’.

A classic example of AP was during the month preceding MardiGrass; Monday to Thursday between 10:00am and 4:00pm, when about a dozen paramilitary style police marched up and down the main street searching people they didn't like the look of. After dark, police were unavailable. When a local citizen asked an officer to intercede in a drunken scuffle she was told, "We are not here for that sort of thing." Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were left unhindered by any mass police presence.

One of the biggest benefits of AP for the police is in the Public Relations and Spin Doctor departments, Warwick Fry in his article ‘Policing Nimbin’ in the 'Nimbin Good Times' very well illustrates the practical application of this divide and conquer tactic. By disregarding the most consistent request; a couple of police to keep an eye on things at pub closing time, and instead mounting highly intensive search operations, they split the community and play one side against the other. Good spin, but lousy policing.

Max Maxxted has also hit the nail on the head in the ‘Nimbin News', "We do not need blue stingers swarming all over us in a simulated anti terrorist exercise, and setting up roadblocks at Goolmangar and Uki; and when they hit town, over-policing the American inspired ‘War on Drugs'. We need regular police here in the village after dark to buffer the trouble caused by alcohol fuelled revellers"

Once most of the community have been terrorised by the heavy handed application of policing methods, which seem more appropriate to escaped or armed criminals, terrorists or warring bikie gangs, a them and us attitude develops, that generates a host of problems.

Its only human for the police to be reluctant to face up to the more mundane and difficult policing jobs; much more comfortable and safer to focus on the marijuana user component of the drug laws and let helicopters, roadblocks, sniffer dogs, and riot squads “shoot ducks in a barrel”!

Asymmetric Policing is a perversion of the law, a corruption of the basic principle that the law applies equally to everyone, The selective application of laws on targeted populations is a traditional weapon of authoritarian powers, used to punish, discipline, or change behaviour, and a clear violation of democratic civil rights.

The issue in Nimbin today isn't about legalizing marijuana, it's about sensible community policing and better allocation and increased funding of community resources.

Are we going to stand up for our rights?

Were YOU arrested in one of these raids?

In 1976, on August 12th, before dawn, about 60 fully armed police raided the Tuntable Falls Community, simultaneously serving photocopied warrants at the north end, centre, and south end of the 2000 acre property, rounding up as many people as possible, marching them up to the road, and transporting them by road, some in a cattle truck, to an identification area on the ridge above Tuntable, where the Police were simultaneously having a barbecue. There were 43 people arrested, but only 42 made it to the cells that day. A young woman nursing a baby was spared on condition she surrender herself later. The remaining 42 were taken to Lismore lockup, and later bailed.

It seemed that only people living close to the initial raid areas were arrested. No effort was made to find evidence, rather the intent seemed to be to capture as many hippies as possible before the alarm spread. The arrested ones were told the 3/4 pound milk tin and matchbox full that did turn up would be divided among them for the charges.

On August 12th, 2006, it will be Thirty Years since that infamous Tuntable Falls Police Raid.

I was one of the Tuntable Falls 43. There must be other survivors of the Great '76 Raid.

It would be very much appreciated if survivors could write down their memories of that day, and contribute them to a collection that I would put on this website, with or without name, as you prefer...

Survivors of the Cedar Bay Community Police Raid of August 29th, 1976, in Queensland, are also requested to send in their memory of that experience. Buildings were burned, and rainwater tanks punctured by gunshots....tell us more, please, if you were there.

Survivors of the 1997 Wytaliba Community Police Raid are also invited to contribute to a collection.

There is not much information on the web, or in books, about these events. It would be good to remedy that.


The best growing religion in Australia! Unite and enjoy the sacramental herb!

Join now and experience the rush!

All devotees of the faith are urged to put "Church of the Holy Smoke" as their religion in the census, and to even officially join....

- Freedom of Religion -

For internationalists, or those uncomfortable with Gerald the Goddess, there's always the THC-Ministry

"A full colour magazine experience for those who choose
to herbalise, think, dream and prophesise!"

The struggle for equality under law, and a common human decency, is as old as man, and will probably continue as long as life lasts.

Thomas George and Carl Scully on Nimbin lawlessness and riot potential, and who lunches with who.....cosy stuff.

The Proposed Changes before the NSW Parliament:

Drug Misuse and Trafficking
Amendment (Hydroponic Cultivation)
Bill 2006

[Click above to download 440KB "Govt".pdf]

"Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness's sake:
For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

"Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man." (Matt. 15:11)



No one, except Max Stone, wanted to go. They’re barely listening in Canberra. Cannabis is being demonised all over again by people who are so far removed from the reality we live in, they may as well be on another planet.

Then Pumpkin arrives. He’s going to Canberra next week for an interview to be a chauffeur for the Ghana Embassy. Centrelink lined it up. And, he’s got a ute!

So we leave on Monday morning with a quick stopover at Lismore Court House, 10 a.m., when thirty odd people busted at MardiGrass are appearing.

Then onto Canberra following Pumpkin’s ute pulling the Nmbngee Community trailer which Max reckons can carry the new Big Joint capable of being dismantled and transported easily!

We owe the trip to Max. We promised. And he’s spent the last 10 years as a full-time activist for cannabis law reform. He’s passionate like so many of us – we know we are not criminals, and the injustice won’t stop smouldering.

Yet again we ask the Government to review the policy of prohibition and its consequences. When ever will they? We fear Howard has no idea of what we are even talking about. The biodiesel alone is worth $billions. He’s a victim of his own Reefer Madness.

We’ll be in the designated protest area outside Parliament House, this Wednesday 31st May, all day from 8 a.m. - with hot coffee & chai! Do come and talk to us for some real life feedback of what’s happening on the streets of Australia with illegal drug use, in the war against our own children.

The forgotten war, the war on drugs, and in our case cannabis, needs to be questioned, reviewed, and reassessed. PLEASE! Its impact on our community, and many others, is devastating. Politicians say cannabis users are not locked up, but many young people are daily risking jail by selling pot, how else can they afford it? ‘Dealing is better than Stealing’, is the saying, but disrespect for other good laws is a growing fact of life.

NSW Premier Iemmas' new indoor laws, five plants ten years jail, and the Federal Governments new stance against cannabis is a marker to a steeper slide into youth drug abuse. The public will be confronted with even more crazed and drunk people committing more and more crime. Ice use will go up and up. More young people will use more ice and other drugs more often, in greater amounts and at a younger age if Governments keep their heads in the sand, or is it cement?

We are tired of pharmaceutical giants who have the global monopoly on supplying pain relief wanting proof about cannabis health benefits. It’s a sidelining and endless argument, while prohibition is the real demon, suppressing all research and proper education. End prohibition of cannabis and most related problems will dissipate, we believe, and thousands of ‘dole bludging pot smoking hippy types’, could become legal farmers and pay tax!!!

Further info …

Nimbin Hemp Embassy 02 6689 1842

President: Michael Balderstone a/h 02 6689 7525

Nimbin Chamber of Commerce President: Andrew Kavasilas 0427 891968

Max Stone … Live webcam of the journey!

The Big Joint has been to Canberra and the Big Joint website is still in FULL ACTION MODE.

MardiGrass 2006 Impressions

The street cameras got painted out by some prankster on Thursday before MardiGrass, and the LCC came out and cleaned them on Friday.

Only the leading Kombi of the Kombi Konvoy was pulled over this year, which stopped all the others anyway....but the driver wasn't over the limit, so they were soon on their way again.

The BigJoint did not seem to start construction till Sunday morning, and there was a fear that it would not be ready in time. At 2:30pm a bare frame stood forlorn in the Hall yard, as people elsewhere made their way to the Protest Parade gathering. The start was delayed by late arrivals, but still no sign of the Big Joint. The Parade began. Half way to the centre of town a cry goes out and a huge cheer erupts from the crowd as the Big Joint appears at the gallop and joins the march. Phew.

The Parade makes its way to PeacePark, and pours in through the gate. The Joint is laid to rest, and speeches begin before all the marchers have arrived. The last marcher approaches the gate, but is stopped by two police following the parade on horseback. People protest, so they tell the young man to move to the centre of the road, and direct others to stand back. They make the young man empty his sari on the road. He has nothing. They take his name and address and let him go.

Mostly the Public Order and Riot Squad behaved well in an unfamiliar situation. Before MardiGrass there were tense moments when they moved to search two schoolgirls in the lunchtime crowds, and the older youngsters around them strongly objected to it. Who was intimidating who is a matter of opinion. After a short while Police behaviour moderated, and most people described police as polite and courteous.

I feel the "Public Order and Riot Squad" were put in a difficult position in being sent here, unfamiliar with the terrain so to speak and with questionable political motives behind the operation. I applaud the overall lack of provocative actions and general good sense shown by these officers during MardiGrass.

Monday morning after MardiGrass, stumbling around putting coffee together, then going outside into the early morning sun. Looking up the street I see a line of volunteers bearing garbage bags, cleaning up early. It makes you proud to be part of it all. Weblog Activity Report

Nirvana Seeds Cannabis Forum - Potty's MardiGrass Pix

Only one arrest at MardiGrass seemed particularly violent, but this is without knowing what the man was arrested for. Given the treatment he received, one would hope he had committed crime enough to warrant it. Given his brief attire, he certainly wasn't hiding anything.

He was jumped by a large number of police bearing him to the ground, apparently using some spray on his eyes in the process. He was trussed up with cable ties and left that way with eyes streaming and in obvious distress. Efforts to relieve his situation were discouraged, though some managed to clean his wounds and face before he was taken away.

There is a series of photos at: arrest web.html

I will try to put up a much happier selection tomorrow. We have lots of photos!

MardiGrass 2006 PHOTOS

Page1 Embassy in shadow of street camera, Happy High Herbs, CyberGanja, Nimbin Friday night.

Page2 HEMP-Bar Joint, Jungle Patrol, Blacked out street camera, HeadsQuarters.

Page3 Opening Ceremony

Page4 Nimbin Friday night & Saturday morning Peace Park

Page5 Peace Park Hemp Olympix Iron People

Page6 Olympix Iron Persons

Page7 Olympix Bong Throw

Page8 Osama Bong Laden

Page9 Riot Squad, Happy Faces, etc

Page10 Didj player, Fire Service BBQ, & Joint Rolling Event

Page11 Joint Rolling, Diana Anaid

Page12 Nimbin street

Page13 Street, Patrol Outpost, Paul & Di

Page14 Police and crowds

Page15 Saturday evening street, Doof shots start.

Page16 Tents, Dome, Ladies

Page17 Fire and Light

Page18 Doof Sunday morning

Page19 Protest March Rally Parade gathers

Page20 Off we go....

Page21 Still coming....

Page22 Parade reaches centre of town

Page23 Shots from Pub verandah

Page24 Shots from Pub verandah

Page25 Shots from Pub verandah

Page26 As Protest Parade leaves town centre

Page27 Police, Peace Park, Ganja Faeries.

Page28 Peace Park

Page29 Peace Park

Page30 Peace Park

Page31 Smoulder, then, a violent arrest on the street.

Page32 Arrest procedure

Page33 Cannabis Cup

Page34 Cannabis Cup

There are more shots from the Police Photo Competition at

Here is a selection of shots from the mardigrass if you are interested
with a couple from the byron markets...this first link below if you want to
see them..thanks, tao

taojones photographer
Phone: 02 66858920
Mobile: 0422614245
PO Box 884 Byron Bay NSW 2481

In the Century of the Consumption Aggressive Psychotic Obsessive
Cannabis causes the greatest psychosis in its opponents……

We have just had a MardiGrass where police have overshadowed the whole event. There were greater numbers of police here than we have seen for a long time. They were omnipresent. There were confusing pronouncements from the police prior to the event, and with behaviour on the ground not seeming to bear much relation to those same pronouncements, it made it difficult to see precisely what was meant to be achieved. Was it just a political stunt? The cost in police man hours must have been considerable.

There was already another shadow over the village; the death of a young Nimbin man over at the coast, caught in a rip rescuing children. His brother had died in a car accident four years ago at the same age. It was a horrible tragedy for that family and our small community, where with emotions raw, we were then overrun with riot squad for the three weeks leading up to MardiGrass, when there were even more.

Suggestions of a riot in Nimbin are ludicrous. Whoever started that idea should admit themselves. Back when these suggestions first arose, there followed prompt reports of a riot in Byron Bay, vandalism sprees in Alstonville, and violence in Lismore. Not in Nimbin.

Nimbin doesn’t have riots, it has spontaneous demonstrations that go and stand outside the police station, all talking about the igniting event, and looking for a sensible response from police rather than senseless heavy handedness. MardiGrass is an organised event that seeks the same thing.

MardiGrass has always been a peaceful demonstration, and the only riot is the riot of colourful clothing, banners and pennants. MardiGrass is not a threat. It is a demonstration against the cannabis laws, a strange one that begins at the police station and goes away to Peace Park. We never go to a Riot Park, - never.

This police presence has reminded us of why we protest. We protest against law enforcement that bases its actions on false assumptions. There is no riot here. It was a ridiculous story based in prejudice, and unworthy of political utterance.

Thomas George, why did you promulgate these ridiculous riot stories? You have smeared an entire village with this.

On a separate note, it has always puzzled me why politicians and the police have such a distorted view of what is happening out in the real world. They are so busy acting on outdated and erroneous information that they fail to keep up with new trends in society and in drug use in particular.

Interviewing our "other drug" users here reveals there is a bit of a drought on in the powders department. There are poor quality amphetamines and some ecstasy available, but no ice, and little heroin. No one has heard of any supposed shipments of anything. There is also less cannabis than usual, so it was hard to get enough for a good puff at MardiGrass this year, police or no police. One has to wonder at the quality of information that police are acting on, or if there ever was any genuine information.

Is such a blatantly political rumour or smear really worth acting on?

Two MardiGrass ago we had a small group of individuals, intoxicated with amphetamines and alcohol, hitting defenceless people at a Doof. There were no such occurrences the years after, as the Doof now hires security personnel. Is this a police response to events two years ago? It feels that way. It suggests a world where the top end of town is seriously out of touch with the lower end of town, and has an erroneous view of what happens there, and when.

Nimbin is a peaceful village, but we have occasionally had genuine trouble with a few late night louts that pick fights. They seem a very common problem in more places than just Nimbin, and none of us like to be judged by our few worst elements. A community is much bigger than that.

We have asked for police to deal with that. The Police response is to increase daytime patrols looking for pot, which they then say we asked for. It appears that they can not or will not act on actual community concerns.

My own impression is that this could be the beginning of a carefully staged plan to silence our colourful little protest and celebration, and that we must be wary of the motives behind what has happened with the Police here so far this year. We should also be particularly wary of opportunistic sensation seeking politicians, journalists, and media, particularly those who will exploit any prejudice for their own personal advancement.

Mid April 2006: Three weeks before MardiGrass, the "Public Order and Riot Squad" spend Monday to Thursday, 7:00am to 5:00pm looking for people doing anything with cannabis.

Wednesday 3 May 2006: Thomas George has luncheon with Superintendent Area Commander Bruce Lyons and others, and, in Parliament later, at 5:17pm, launches an exaggerated attack on Nimbin to demand increased policing. Carl Scully, (minister for screwing portfolios and moving on), joins in....the scenario setup.

2:30pm Friday May 5th 2006: Reports of large numbers of police searching cars Lismore-Nimbin Road, Cawongla Road, and Murwillumbah Road at Bray Park

10:00am Saturday May 6th 2006: Reports that NSW Police at Bray Park telling people that "Nimbin is full, turn back" Also "Too dangerous, turn back" Nimbin was not full. It was a beautiful day, and a peaceful festival went on being peaceful... There was no danger. If persons having such an experience could provide us with a written witnessed statement describing the event with as much detail of fact as possible, we would certainly be interested.

The “Good Weekend” recently carried a story on Hydro, and I was disappointed with the writer’s uncritical acceptance of some of the dodgy opinions and ideas expressed in the article.

The line “zonked out kids selling dodgy hydro” particularly caught my eye. A marvellous line from a creative or even a biased view, but unfortunately untrue. The author has fallen prey to the ideological divide between Bush growers and Hydro growers.

With respect to cannabis of any form actually causing psychosis, there is still no credible scientific proof of that.

With particular respect to hydroponically grown plants, the Department of Agriculture feels there is no connection between hydroponics and psychosis, so yes, you can keep eating the unblemished supermarket tomatoes and vegetables …..

The “Bush” versus “Hydro” is all marketing hype, like “Pepsi” versus “Coca-Cola”. Older cannabis users prefer the Bush they grew up with, and Bush growers are not averse to spreading negative rumours about their hydroponic rival. More recent smokers that started with Hydro have stuck to it, and Hydro growers are not averse to suggesting that Bush is weak pot. This could be equated to a Holden versus Ford mentality , and you know how many otherwise intelligent human beings can take such things seriously.

Bush pot can be just as strong as Hydro if grown in good soil with full sun, good weather, and no diseases or insect pests. That is very hard to do with helicopter surveillance, thieves and Acts of God. Growers usually select a compromised growing position to reduce the chances of detection. Hydroponic growers get to expose their plants to the equivalent of full sun for as many hours of the day as they deem appropriate, and all while they remain hidden from view.

This can give a consistent higher potency, but no higher than that achieved by good Bush. There is no Hydro (choose a number >1 ) times stronger than the best Bush, but the best high potency Bush is harder to find. Dedicated Bush lovers accept the best Bush available, but there are also plenty of smokers who will smoke both Hydro and Bush, depending on budget and availability. Obviously, Hydro is the better commercial path in terms of consistent potency, harvest predictability, and ease of care and inspection.

This is not to say all Hydro growers are commercial. There are those who grow hydroponically for personal or medical use.

There is a significant proportion of the cannabis community who do not want an end to prohibition. They are mostly growers or sellers, and the thinking is that their livelihood actually depends on prohibition remaining. They feel they would get locked out of the growing and marketing, and even if they were not, even if prices remained high, the government would take the biggest cut of the take.

Some feel that the independent rebel image associated with cannabis use would evaporate, and cannabis use would be reduced to the mundane. “It would not mean anything anymore…”

The HEMP Embassy feels that people should not be discriminated against for use of cannabis, and that there should be no criminality attached to cannabis use, or growing cannabis for personal use.

When cannabis use started in the late sixties/early seventies it was contained in the community of use, but by the mid seventies criminal enterprises entered the distribution system, and “deals” by them with police became more common. The user chain was contaminated, and at the same time a greater than usual number of police were corrupted. This situation remained as the status quo. Prohibition of cannabis provided the fertile ground, and to no good social effect.

If prohibition were ended, we feel society would be a little more just, with a little less opportunity for corruption and exploitation.

It is unfortunate that misinformation on cannabis does not only come from its opponents, and that even cannabis users can be uncritically accepting of misinformation, all the more easily if it suits their circumstances.

It is very difficult in this political climate to even establish an unbiased study, so contaminated is the field already. Successive governments have stonewalled all positive findings or recommendations by internal committees and inquiries since 1970, and, for an individual researcher, making positive findings on cannabis can be damaging to your career.

In the USA, only research looking for negatives is funded. It appears that the USA has an ideological commitment in its opposition to Cannabis that precludes any pesky scientific facts getting in the way.

Personally, I would prefer the issues be decided by scientific enquiry rather than by political or religious ideology, personal faith, or marketing. I can only hope there are enough others who feel the same way.

The pendulum swings away from minorities, and we have already watched in stunned disbelief as it pulled out of the station and departed for intolerance. We have our protest, and we will continue to demonstrate against overkill and oppression. Already drug testing regimes may be the forerunner of a truly Orwellian culture where no person who has taken a drug will have a job in 2015. That is of course unless the "Economic Rationalists" resort to something unspeakable to purify society, and fall into revulsion at themselves. That may be what is needed before the pendulum can come back to the place the horrors of WW2 sent it, to a time where the vision of a better world was genuinely sought,and not cynically derided. As memories fade, the dogs of
the right grow boldly malicious, and even if it does end as badly as it has usually done, there will always arise new generations with the hope and optimism to try once more to transform the killer apes in our midst, and quell their nameless angers with that compassion so often seen as a weakness to be crushed or exploited ....a pox on alpha males that lead men into death
to feed their self righteous egos. (© 2004)

Think about it...

Pot Paranoia- chicken or egg?
Ever since the days of Reefer Madness, self-styled drug experts have been demonizing cannabis and cannabis users. Is the tragic, shuffling spectre of the pot-addled teen psychotic just the latest in a long line of government-generated media myths or is there some truth to it? Does cannabis lead to schizophrenia or is the supposed current rise in mental health problems just a chicken-or-egg symptom of the pressures of modern life? Who wouldn't get depressed in today's world?

War on Terror/War on Drugs
The 21st Century has seen a conservative resurgence unequalled in our lifetimes. Civil liberties and human rights have been increasingly eroded in the name of internal security and the war on terror. Police powers have been expanded and personal freedom has been reduced. The concept of "Big Brother" has been reduced in the public mind to a cheesy reality TV show. How do the new police powers impact on our lives? With helicopters, sniffer dogs, saliva testing and anti-terrorist laws, where do pot-heads stand in all this?

Just how organic is organic?
Various indoor cannabis-growing techniques have been developed worldwide over the last 20 years. This has resulted in a supposedly "new" type of drug- hydroponic marijuana. The media, politicians and police have seized on this and generated much hysteria and a whole battery of new laws based on very little hard information.

But what exactly defines "hydroponic"... both from a gardening and a legal point of view? Is it possible to grow "organic hydro"? Are there really strains of pot that are "seven times stronger" and if so, where can we get some?

The way forward- zero tolerance or harm minimalisation.
While Australia blindly follows the American model of zero tolerance to drugs, the UK is in the throes of a pot renaissance. A few years back, the British Police Union refused to process any more pot possession charges, claiming they had more important things to do. Cannabis was de-scheduled and now Britain rivals Amsterdam for both sensible laws and high quality pot. The Prime Minister Tony Blair recently admitted that his father-in-law liked the occasional joint. If John Howard is such a Queen-lover, why on Earth are we playing by Uncle Sam's rules? When will someone turn on Johnny's father-in-law?

Neil Pike 2006

Dear Reader,

Western society is in an extreme state of decay. Governments look for scapegoats as a vehicle to aid their re-election. People everywhere are disenfranchised and disillusioned. Love of the mother whether it be the earth or the female human being is probably lower than ever before.

The legal drug consumption in our society is astronomical. Just one example are the large numbers of children and adolescents who are on dexamphetamine for their supposed condition of ADHD, with side effects including mood swings, weight loss, depression, nightmares, aggression and anger. It’s not a good example to set in a culture coming to terms with the use of Ice, another form of amphetamine.

Western medicine is now based on the simplistic notion that giving people drugs for everything will cure them. It is extremely expensive, ineffective, self-indulgent and sometimes terminal. At the same time we have politicians who are totally lacking in knowledge making decisions about what herbs are allowed to be used.

Nimbin is a centre of alternative medicine. Even though the doctors can’t keep up with business and there is a methadone clinic put there by the medical system, a large majority of the population, especially in surrounding rural areas, are well versed in alternative medicine and looking after themselves.

Part of that process for some is growing marijuana and using it as a mild social lubricant or painkiller. The cult of greed and consumerism that has taken hold everywhere on the planet in the form of conspicuous consumption of hydro is not the fault of Nimbin. It is the grim result of determined prohibition of a herb used by humanity for thousands of years.

Drug addiction as opposed to drug use is on the rise everywhere. The cumulative despair of western culture as it turns its back on the enlightenment that once made it great, the effect of war, famine, climate change, multi-national controlled economy, the insensitivity of governments to their citizens and the worship of money is all contributing to people switching off from normality and consuming drugs, legal or illegal to send them into oblivion.

Who knows if our leaders making crucial decisions for the future of our country are free from this affliction and govern with a head free from any substance abuse? Do any politicians take medicine with mental and emotional side effects? Quite incredibly, they can drink taxpayer subsidized alcohol while in parliament. Can they be accused of drink driving?

The police forces let loose in Nimbin preceding the Mardi-Grass can definitely be accused of thuggery. There were a lot of people quite brutally treated by police, including young women. In their desire for action they were gloating in their power over the caged local beings and goading them into conflict.

The presence of large groups of burly men with multiple weapons sticking out of their uniforms hanging on street corners is an overwhelmingly fearful, agitating and adrenaline stirring experience. There was no effort of community policing. Instead, it was like being occupied by the army.

The police created such a bad feeling, interfering greatly with the social and business life of the town, scaring away locals and tourists alike for a whole month. For those who live in town it was a nightmare.

Goodwill creates peace and harmony in Nimbin as much as anywhere. Mardi-Grass is our town festival full of music and fun .Too much dancing to need your anti-depressants. There never has been any violence during a Mardi-Grass festival. I’m sure Beef Week will not have the same level of interference.


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